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Wireless Access Policy

  1. All wireless access points must be approved and managed by the ICT office. Non-sanctioned or unauthorized network devices that are connected to the University network are not allowed.
  2. The ICT office reserves the right to disable or confiscate any unauthorized network device without prior notice especially in cases when the University's systems, data, and users are at risk.
  3. Other devices or equipment (e.g., cordless phones) that are found to be interfering with network communication signals are subject to relocation or removal.
  4. University staff are encouraged to report suspected incidents related to the non-compliance of this policy.
  5. Failure to comply with the Wireless Access Policy may result in the suspension of network access privileges and possible disciplinary action, depending on the extent of damage caused on the university, its network, and other users.
  6. Requests for Wi-fi access in areas of the campus can be communicated to the ICT office via email.