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Acceptable Use of the Campus Network & Computing Devices

General considerations regarding acceptable use
  1. The use of the university’s network and other related resources is a privilege extended to faculty, staff, students, and other members of the UA&P community to help them fulfill the university's main functions of teaching, research, and extension, and any other functions that may be assigned to them. As a user of these resources, you have access to valuable equipment, sensitive data, and services available through the university's network. Everyone is expected to use these resources in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner.
  2. Each user is responsible for knowing the regulations and policies that govern the use of the university's network and other, related resources. Each user is expected to exercise good judgment in the use of the network and related resources, avoiding any action that might be deemed irresponsible, unethical, or illegal.
  3. The use of the university's network and other related resources for political purposes, or for personal economic gain, or for any other activity deemed by the university as irresponsible, unethical, or illegal are strictly prohibited.
  4. Uses not in keeping with the university’s corporate culture, or with recognized laws such as those relating to intellectual property, are not allowed. [policy on Copyright and Fair Use will be posted soon].
  5. Each user may use only the equipment, network accounts, and data and files for which he or she has authorization.
  6. Users should not access or copy another user's email, data, applications, or other files. Access to sensitive files and other data on the university's network by a person other than the account owner will need written approval from the Management Committee.
  7. While the university does not generally monitor or limit content of information transmitted or stored on its network, it reserves the right to access and review such information when needed, such as determining if an individual is in violation of this or other related policies or to ensure that UA&P is not subject to claims of institutional misconduct.