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Childbirth-related Benefits

Date first issued: 8 December 1998

Version date: 8 December 1998

Policy Statements
  1. The purpose of this policy is to grant childbirth benefits to UA&P employees.
  2. The benefits under this policy can be availed of by all full-time faculty and administrative staff.
  3. The University advances the SSS maternity benefits  mandated by law for the first four deliveries of the SSS member-employee.
  4. The University will provide a similar benefit starting from the fifth delivery.  The benefits will be based on the provisions of the SSS maternity benefit.
  5. The University will continue to grant paternity leave on all deliveries beyond the first four deliveries as provided by RA 8187.
  6. Employees will receive PhP9,000 child birth assistance on all prospective legitimate childbirths following a church-solemnized marriage.
Implementing Guidelines
  1. Childbirth assistance may be released together with the maternity benefits (SSS) of the female employee.  The same benefit may be released to the male employees if there is an evidence of the maternity or delivery of the wife.
  2. In case of failure of the employee to submit the required documents within the prescribed period, HRM will advise AFU to charge the amount granted in advance to the employee’s salary account.