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Cancellation of Work and Classes

Date first issued: 14 December 2006

Version date: 14 December 2006

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Policy Statements
  1. The purpose of this policy is to provide considerations and the procedures in deciding to cancel classes and staff work.
  2. Cancellation of classes (which covers faculty members) and work (for the rest of the staff), and all other activities (seminars, conferences, liturgical celebrations, etc.), is automatic whenever the PAGASA announces Signal No. 3 over the Greater Manila Area.
  3. The University also follows announcements by Malacañang and the Commission on Higher Education as regards cancellation of classes or work for other reasons—e.g. inclement weather, geological disturbances, political events, special holidays.
  4. When the decision to call off classes or work is left to school officials, it is best that they continue until the Management Committee can decide later on in the day. Cancellation of classes and cancellation of work are two separate decisions.
  5. If and when the Management Committee does decide to cancel classes or work (say, for the afternoon): 
    1. Students or staff members who had earlier decided not to come or have not been able to come at all will not be penalized for their absence. (If MANCOM decides to continue class or work, students who missed class and staff members who did not report for work can discuss their situation with their teachers/immediate supervisor.)
    2. There shall be provisions for scheduled activities that, exceptionally, cannot be canceled or postponed. The Management Committee will designate  a point-person from among the Administrative Assistants in the Executive Offices  to coordinate the required support services, and those assigned to man the activity will be given overtime pay. For such coordination to proceed in an orderly fashion, the decision to cancel work shall be announced at least an hour prior to the cancellation of work.
  6. The University Secretary will authorize the Human Resource Management Unit to announce the decision (as well as the point-person to coordinate activities that are not canceled) via the internal website. He shall also instruct the Office of Student Affairs and the security services of the University accordingly.