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Advancement of 13th Month Pay

Date first issued: 18 September 2002

Version Date: 18 September 2002

Policy Statements
  1. This policy provides for the criteria for the granting of 13th-month pay advances to employees and the procedures to be observed in the processing of such requests.
  2. This policy applies to full-time University employees.
  3. In case of an unexpected and increasing need for financial assistance, an employee may avail of an advance from the 13th month pay entitlement.

Implementing Guidelines 
  1. Availment period maybe from July to November of each calendar year.
  2. Amount is computed pro-rata depending on the month of the year, i.e. July is 7/12, Aug. - 8/12, Sept.- 9/12 and Oct. - 10/12.  The full 13th month pay may be given for requests made on November.
  3. The pro-rated amount is ordinarily given for medical or educational emergencies.
  4. In case of death of the employee, especially if it is preceded by hospitalization or prolonged illness, the whole amount may be granted to the employee.
  5. Employee or his/her authorized representative, requests in writing stating his/her purpose for the advance.
  6. Unit/School Head or representative endorses request and gives to HRM.
  7. HRM evaluates and seeks approval from the Chair, Administrative Council or his alternate in his absence.
  8. If approved, HRM prepares request for check voucher, and forwards to AFU. Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605, Philippines   Trunkline: (632) 637-0912 to 26 P.O. Box 13673, Ortigas Center Post Office
  9. HRM informs employee of approval.
  10. Employee checks with AFU availability of check or crediting of amount to his/her bank Payroll.