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Availing Services from BEM

First Issued: 2006

Version Date:  December 4, 2007 

Policy Statements
  1. The Building & Equipment Maintenance (BEM) Section of the Assets & Facilities Management is responsible in providing and responding to various service requests from the university community.
  2. In-house staff, contracted specialized service providers, and a pool of accredited general-contractors will provide various services to ensure that university facilities are well kept, maintained, and conducive to learning and working.
Implementing Guidelines
  1. Classification of  service requests:
    1. Priority Project – refers to service requests involving minor repair or adjustment such as: replacement of busted lights, minor carpentry works, or repair of office equipment like telephones. As much as possible, turnaround time of request under this classification should be within the same day the request is received.
    2. Special Project – refers to service requests involving construction, renovation, or fabrication. Requests under this classification require the approval of the requesting party’s Unit Head or OpCom. At minimum, special projects can be completed fifteen (15) days after the materials are made available.
  2. Procedures for requesting for service:
    1. The requesting party fills-out the service request form and submits it to the AFM-BEM office or route the request form thru the internal messenger, or even hand it to any BEM, security or housekeeping staff.
    2. The service requests are attended on a first-come-first-served basis. However, depending on the nature of service request, the BEM Supervisor can decide to give priority to other service requests.
    3. Service requests classified as “priority projects”  are usually attended to and completed within 24 hours the request was received while, completion of requests classified under “special projects” would depend on the nature of work involved and availability of materials or parts. In both cases, the requesting party is kept informed on the status of his/her request thru a regular feedback system.
  3. Major works: 
    1. Major works projects, i.e. furniture fabrication, office/room renovation, reconfiguration of layout or acquisition of modular office furniture system, construction of new offices/rooms/facilities are pre-planned and should have approval from the ManCom.