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Availing Outside Caterers

First Issued: 2006

Version Date:  December 4, 2007 

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Policy Statements

The university encourages all units to avail the services of its food service concessionaires. However, when concerns on budget, variety, and specialty arise, the use of outside caterer is permitted subject to some conditions.

Implementing Guidelines
  1. Before considering availing the service of an outside caterer, the requesting party should give the UA&P concessionaire a chance to match and submit a  price quotation for their catering service. Considering that all things are equal, the concessionaire has an edge because they are familiar with the culture of the University and grant donations to the University.
  2. Outside caterer is charged 10%, based on the total catering amount, to recover operation expenses and utilities.
  3. The outside caterer provides the tables, chairs, tablecloths, plates, utensils, and all the necessary materials for the service.  The use of styropor, plastic plates and utensils are discouraged.
  4. Staff and equipment brought in and out must secure work permit and gate pass from the security office.
  5. Set-up is made at most two hours before the activity and pack-up, immediately after the catering service.
  6. Cleanliness and order should be maintained in the area.  Caterers should not leave their trash and garbage.
  7. Any cost of damages/losses due to the activity will be charged to the organizer or caterer. The organizer should monitor the services of the caterer and ensure that house rules are followed.
  8. The quality of service should be consistent with the UA&P standards  established for the concessionaire like:
    1. good quality of food and service at reasonable prices
    2. courteous and properly attired & well groomed waiters, and 
    3. simple and elegant arrangements of the buffet and dining tables